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Safe iPad Holder for the Car

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Your children are precious and putting their iPad into a safe secure headrest mount will definitely make travelling long distances a safer option. We know that on those long road trips that there comes a time when a bit of distraction for the children, such as watching a movie can make such a difference to how parents feel at the end of the day. Getting the iPad off their laps in a car will set your mind at ease because if you have to stop suddenly the children are safe and the iPad stays right where it is.

There are some great games the family can play on long road trips and the top selling game is  ” Mad Libs on the Road” 

We are delighted to have made the top 10 of  iPad Headrest Mounts on Ezvid Wiki

How to plan a long successful road trip with young children

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Inndise Acknowledges that a Long Family Road Trip Can Test Any Parents Patience To The Limit. Have you ever been stuck in a Traffic jam with a very unhappy Child? How do you get through a Long Road Trip with young children? Inndise celebrates the fact their iPad Headrest Car Mount has definitely made driving with young children so much more enjoyable for all the family.

To embark on a long road trip with children today you need to use everything available to ensure a safe and stress free journey.

Children today are connected to their media devices and that a successful long road trip with your children definitely requires some preparation. Getting caught in a 3 hour motorway block can cause a lot of frustration for everyone but the children can be distracted. Have the iPad downloaded with their favorite movies and time will fly by for them, at least

Depending on the age of your children and the length of the road trip will determine the preparation you will be required to do to arrive at your destination in a good frame of mind. Stock up with snacks and have your wipes handy as well as water and their favourite toys and games. Load up the iPad with great popular children’s movies as there will be times when there is no Wi-Fi access.

Road trips are a great time to have good conversations with your children. The art of conversation and children speaking in long sentences needs to be encouraged as within this technology age children are now, from a young age, very proficient at using their gadgets. Think of this as a time when you could help them develop the art of verbal communication. It is good to ask questions in which they cannot give you a Yes or a No answer. Sitting in the car with your children is a great place to teach your children the art of good communication. Start your questions with the words- Who, What, Where, Why and How. They cannot give you a yes /no answer to a question started with any of those words. Do this and the conversations will flow

The iPad is a hard object and getting these larger tablets off the laps of children in the back seat in the event of a crash, is a major consideration for all parents. Inndise designed the iPad headrest holder with the safety of the passenger’s as number one and number two the security of the iPad.
It was important to Inndise that the headrest iPad holder had no hard breakable plastic parts it had to be light, durable, mobile, and adaptable outside of the car and would not break apart. It had to be held securely to the headrest and easy to use for anyone. Inndise designed this with a long Velcro strap so that the Headrest mount can be used on the majority of headrests and around all headrest posts.

The 5 star reviews on Amazon of the Inndise iPad Mount have shown that the company has been successful in achieving its goal. Check out these reviews:

Great Product by Georgia
We bought this wonderful product for our camping trip since it involved a 3 hour drive each way. We allowed our 3 year old to watch a couple episodes of her favorite show on the iPad. It saved us a few toddler meltdowns to/from our destination. We should’ve bought this sooner!

Great for Road Trips By Ditty on September 2, 2014
We received the iPad just in time for a 3-hour road trip with my 17-month-old. The iPad Headrest Mount worked great, and our toddler was a happy camper for the 102-minute running time of Frozen.

Great Product By JRM1978
I use to have car DVDs for my lil guy but decided to get something to use “his ipad” with.. Yes it was ours but he has seemed to use more than my husband and I.
This headrest mount is great. It is very stable and seems secure on the headrest. I reviewed multiple ones before purchasing. I am very happy with my choice.
I also like how easy it is to get in and out of the mount unlike others I tried. The advantage of using an iPad instead of a DVD player is that you don’t have to bother dealing with DVDs and can easily download them to it.
The iPad mount also sits high enough on headrest so that it cannot be kicked. Great Product!!