About Us

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Inndise Limited is a company who, since 2013 has sold exclusively on Amazon and we are dedicated to the design of great products with innovative solutions for everyday problems.
Our flagship product is the iPad headrest mount designed for Apple iPad''s 1 2 3 4 and we added the Headrest Mount for the iPad Air 1 and 2 in 2015. The iPad Mini Headrest Mount will be available as an extra variation to our brand towards the end of 2016.

When you buy from Inndise you know you are getting quality with all the security you require.
Our aim is to provide great specifically designed products to meet the market place not only in the automotive area but across a wider spectrum.

We are committed to providing the best of customer service so that anyone who buys from us knows that they have a 12 month guarantee on the product and a company who is committed to ensuring that our customers are happy with their purchase of an Inndise product.

iPad headrest mount for kids